Novaco AVCS Cost Calculator

AVCS cost calculator

ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service cost calculator

Transparency is vital to Novaco Navigation. That’s why we’ve created a working cost calculator that allows you to compare or calculate your annual ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS) cell cost/requirements, using real trade routes.

The Novaco cost calculator is a simple yet comprehensive way to calculate the cost of ENCs.

Plot or import a route to calculate chart costs

With the free Novaco cost calculator you can assess:

• the annual cost of trading on a specific route, or

• the cost of a specific voyage.

You’ll be shown three cost scenarios to compare (using the year option and four legs plotted), or two if you use a simple route-based calculation (no PAYS option available):

• The vessel buys all the cells under the keel: on demand purchasing. This is based on Novaco’s Instant Permit Service (IPS) that delivers ‘instant permits’ for the minimum required charts for safe navigation. This is typically the most cost-effective option.

• The vessel buys all the cells under the keel: PAYS purchasing method.

 • The vessel sets its own requirements and pays for the MINIMUM number of cells required under SOLAS.

At a glance you’ll see on-screen costs. You can email them to yourself or a colleague. This includes:

• a full breakdown of the number of cells used during a leg of the voyage, and the relevant number of cell units licensed along with their cost.

• a detailed table with all the cells for each proposed scenario.

Cost calculator screenshot
Cost calculator grid