Pay As You Sail

PAYS pay as you sail image

PAYS option from Novaco

Access any chart at any time and only pay for the actual charts you sail over via subscription.

Efficient payments via tracking

Our PAYS service utilises a tracking module to understand your vessel’s location and automatically charge for any cells “under the keel”. Charts are open for planning and can be viewed at no cost. You are only charged for the cells under the keel; we do not charge for cells within a +/- corridor.

This type of service is ideal for fleets that operate with cargo that is being re-sold before arriving at their destination – ie where the route is changing during passage. Detailed voyage planning and route optimisation is possible without committing to purchasing any cells in advance.

All charts unlocked & accessible: View world-wide charts at any time free of charge; instant access to over 12,500 ENCs.

Pay for what you use

Only pay for the cells that your vessel sails over (charts under the keel). This removes the issue where when a voyage changes any previously bought charts re wasted. With PAYS you only pay when you’ve actually used a cell as part of your voyage.