Novaco delivers across the globe


Novaco supports shipping of all kinds, in all sectors from chemical and gas, containers ships through to bulk handling.

Primarily we support the navigational and data requirements of vessels operating under SOLAS Chapter V (Safety Of Lives at Sea Chapter V: Safety of navigation). This tends to include commercial shipping such as container and tanker operators.

However Chapter V is different from the other chapters of the regulations, which apply to certain classes of commercial shipping. Chapter V applies to all vessels and their crews, including yachts and private craft, on all voyages and trips including local voyages. Similarly Novaco supports smaller yachts and other smaller commercial vessels. If vessels need navigation information, we will gladly assist.

While naval vessels such as warships and vessels on Government non-commercial activities are not covered by SOLAS, we also support various navies with navigational data services.

Supporting the demands of SOLAS regulations

Chapter V of the SOLAS Convention places a requirement on Governments that they ensure all vessels are both sufficiently and efficiently manned from a safety perspective. The requirements apply to all vessels in respect of voyage and passage planning. There is an expectation that there will be a careful assessment of any proposed voyages by all who go to sea. This means that every mariner must take account of all potential dangers to navigation, navigational warnings, weather forecasts, tidal predictions, the competence of the crew, and all other relevant factors.


The chapter also adds an obligation for all vessels’ masters to offer assistance to those in distress. It controls the use of lifesaving signals with specific requirements regarding danger and distress messages.

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