The Novaco charter

Novaco, shared with our parent company United Navigation, operates around a core set of guiding principles. They detail how we run our business and provide guidance to all our stakeholders. We are proud to abide by them, which is why we are happy to share them on our website. 

Purpose ​

Our company’s ultimate purpose is the happiness of all its employees, through (a) their worthwhile contribution to the maritime community and the society at large and (b) their satisfying employment in a successful business.

Because we are owned in trust for our employees, all employees share the responsibilities and rewards of ownership.

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Business Management ​

We operate a flat management structure which is characterised by openness, and a consultative style which actively invites and values stakeholder contributions.

We strive to grow by establishing strategic partnerships, expanding our portfolio of products and services and ultimately the number of customers we serve.

Novaco is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.


We aim to make sufficient profit in order to (a) sustain our commercial vitality (b) finance future developments (c) distribute a fair share to our employees and undertake other activities consistent with our ultimate purpose.

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We strive to employ and retain people of ability and integrity who are committed to working together and to supporting our Principles. Relationships are based on mutual respect and courtesy, with as much equality between our employees as differences of responsibility permit.

We aim to recognise individual contributions and reward employees fairly.


We aim to deal honestly with our customers and secure their loyalty and long-term support by providing outstanding innovation, value and service.



We  strive to conduct all our business relationships with integrity and courtesy and to honour scrupulously every business agreement.

Social responsibility ​

We strive to operate in a socially responsible way, exceeding where possible all legal obligations in our operations and being a positive contributor to the communities where we operate.

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