Navigational data and vessel tracking


NovacoHub overview

NovacoHub is a combined hardware and software solution for commercial and leisure vessels, that delivers and integrates secure navigation data to the bridge, as well as real-time tracking and vessel positioning information.

It is simple to install, fitting to the wheelhouse with two clips and connects via Cat5e Ethernet cable. Once powered up – literally plug and play since it self-configures – it immediately provides valuable information to vessel and shore using smart technology from Novaco.

NovacoHub can function as a standalone technology, but also integrates seamlessly with NovacoBridge for a complete navigation and fleet tracking solution.

Vessel tracking

NovacoHub allows you monitor a single vessel or, with multiple installations, your entire fleet’s location – as well as surrounding vessels – free of charge.

Independent vessel tracking

NovacoHub removes reliance on existing bridge AIS, GPS or radar. Simply provide power and the unit will start to record the global position of the vessel and maintain a positional history.

Relative vessel location

NovacoHub also collects data (IMO, call sign, MMSI, vessel name and position) from surrounding vessels (up to a 30 mile radius) and displays their position on a map relative to your vessel.

Network tracking

Any networked device on a vessel can access tracking data in real time.

Shore-based tracking

Shore-based teams can also access NovacoHub – wherever they are in the world – to see tracking in real time and access historic data.