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7-day weather forecasting service

Novaco offers a standalone weather service – and the service is also available within NovacoBridge.

Comprehensive weather data

With award-winning design, global coverage, and the largest library of GRIB and classical weather in the world, Novaco Weather offers everything you need all in one package.

State-of-the-art data compression and file transfer procedures deliver data to you fast and affordably. Compatible with PC or Mac.

Novaco Weather’s data is collated from world leading data producers, such as NOAA/NCEP and the NRL.


GRIB weather forecasts can be run in a video format animating the forecast. Multiple products can be layered and viewed to gain an intuitive feel for how weather and ocean conditions are likely to change in the coming days.

Display software

The display software “Grib Explorer” supports almost every conceivable weather and ocean data variable available in GRIB format. Surface pressure, wind, waves, swell, cloud cover, precipitation, sea temperature, currents, subsurface temperatures and more.

GRIB data

Automatically open and view GRIB data in full colour.

Easily layer multiple weather parameters for enhanced analysis – for example Wind, Precipitation and Surface Pressure. You can also customise how layers are displayed: Wind data displayed as barbs, gradient, or contours.


Users can request regional updates at any time and are not restricted by how often requests are made. Weather forecast data packets are distributed to the user via highly compressed email files for importing into the GRIB Explorer software and also include satellite imagery data of the weather systems in the region.

Users can also review historical forecasts should there be a need.


24/7 Customer Service

Customer service is core to our offering. As a digitally focused company we offer fast, effective support 24/7/365.