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  • e-Navigation solutions for commercial shipping companies

    Smarter navigational data and insights for the global shipping community

    Smarter navigational data and insights for the global shipping community

    Novaco Navigation is a leading supplier of navigational data to shipping companies and vessels across the world.

    Our products and services have been developed to improve access to critical navigation information and to simplify everyday tasks for both deck officers and on-shore teams.


    A suite of navigation tools for better decision-making on the bridge and onshore

    Chartroom management

    Discover NovacoBridge, the complete back-of-bridge solution for digital and paper charts and publications.

    Online navigation portal

    Plot and manage routes. Select, buy and maintain charts & publications with Novaco NB+.

    Route planning

    View or create passage plans and optimise chart and publications on the vessel with NovacoPlan.


    Navigation and tracking hub

    NovacoHub is our latest navigation data and tracking innovation for secure, safe and compliant voyages.

    Pay as you sail

    Streamline costs with access to only the charts you sail over and pay via subscription.

    Weather forecasting service

    Plan ahead safely with our comprehensive 7-day weather forecasting service, including GRIB data.

    Why choose Novaco Navigation?

    Novaco Navigation delivers excellent value from our range of modular digital navigation and publication solutions. Our offer is comprehensive and flexible, designed to ensure your fleet operates safely and efficiently. While our software is state of the art, serving vessels and on-shore teams, we also continue to support vessels using paper charts and publications in our services.

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