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Novaco supports the commercial shipping and leisure sailing community in the move from paper to digital charts and publications. But we have not lost sight of the need for paper.

Our NovacoBridge and Novaco NB+ solutions provide a complete digital solution – but with the capability to handle global delivery of paper charts and publications when you need it.

We also offer a more traditional service of delivery of paper without the requirement for our digital solutions. Please ask.

Paper – select, buy and maintain charts and publications

In all scenarios, Novaco probably offers the simplest and most powerful solution on the market.

NovacoBridge draws from the relevant Notices to Mariners to provide custom correction lists, corrections text, tracings and blocks for permanent as well as temporary and preliminary corrections. Novaco delivers digital weekly updates for all Volume 6 Admiralty Radio Signals. Other volumes are only available in paper format and are fully supported by NovacoBridge.

Subscribers are able to identify and display correction information for any chart or publication in the NovacoBridge or NB+ catalogue at the click of a button. Charts & publications inventories on board vessels may be changed freely without advising Novaco. 

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