NovacoBridge supply options

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You can choose the way you want to access and pay for services within NovacoBridge:


No matter which supply option suits your budget or operations, NovacoBridge provides efficient ways to manage your charts, publications and updates.

Eliminate errors

Our standalone integrated Novaco tracking via NovacoHub both tracks the vessel and automatically updates the ECDIS — reducing the risk of human error and again increasing safety. Alternatively we can supply a dedicated USB stick

No cost for planning

When planning your voyage you can view any chart required to understand if the cell is appropriate for your voyage.  There is no charge for viewing this information.

Update options

Update your services, charts and publications, via regular weekly emails, emails on demand, internet via direct download, or NovacoHub’s data storage facility. You can of course revert back to standard DVDs at any time should you need to.

Check financial status of accounts

Monitor the financial status of any subscribing vessel; check historical orders, financial expenditure and current account balance.

Instant Purchasing Service (IPS)

“Instant Purchasing” is the quickest and lowest cost way to buy products. With the advantage of instant delivery and unlocking of charts via permit keys, both NovacoBridge and Novaco NB+ users can choose which cells they require at any time and can access them “instantly” removing the need to purchase ENC cells in advance.

Optimised Selection

Unlike alternative solutions, our IPS solution does not follow the R+/- N miles” rule or “cells under the Keel” which often results in unnecessarily large selection of charts, especially on coastal routes.

Its route planning algorithms filter out unnecessary scale charts from the basket, reducing basket sizes by up to 50%*.

* Compared to some competitors’ route calculated baskets.

Updates via email

The ENC update service works along-side Novaco and delivers weekly updates for all AVCS holdings on board a vessel as well as AIO.

Updates Via Direct Download

Vessels equipped with high bandwidth data can choose to receive cloud-sourced updates and maintain “base files” for holding on a local drive. This service completely removes the need for physical update DVDs and supports all digital update services.

Pay As You Sail

Access any chart at any time and only pay for the actual charts you sail over via subscription.

Our PAYS service utilises a tracking module to understand your vessel’s location and automatically charge for any cells “under the keel”. Charts are open for planning and can be viewed at no cost. You are only charged for the cells under the keel.

This type of service is ideal for fleets that operate with cargo that is being re-sold before arriving at their destination – ie where the route is changing during passage. Detailed voyage planning and route optimisation is possible without committing to purchasing any cells in advance.

All charts unlocked & accessible

View world-wide charts at any time free of charge; instant access to over 12,500 ENCs.

Pay for what you use

Only pay for the cells that your vessel sails over (charts under the keel). This removes the issue where when a voyage changes any previously bought charts re wasted. With PAYS you only pay when you’ve actually used a cell as part of your voyage.