Passage planning module with NovacoBridge

ship navigation

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The passage planning module enables officers to:

Simple route planning

Import a route, create a custom route, or select pre-loaded industry standard defined port-to-port routes.

Optimised chart and publication selection

NovacoBridge optimises the selection of paper and digital charts and publications by using intelligent algorithms for each point on the route. Generate orders and pay for all the required charts and publications using the system.

Voyage monitoring

Enable monitoring of the passage from any NovacoBridge PC on the ship’s network. (Requires NovacoHub).

Valuable voyage data

Calculate the distance and travel time based on the expected speed of the vessel.

Rationalise ADP publications

The ADP module assists with the complete planning, ordering and update management of ADMIRALTY Digital Radio Signals, Digital List Of Lights Digital Total Tide and electronic Nautical Publications. Maximum coverage and the smallest number of ADP publications.