NovacoBridge overview: Select, buy, maintain charts and publications

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A customer-focused approach to navigation solutions

NovacoBridge is a comprehensive management solution that helps officers:

NovacoBridge supports both digital and paper charts and publications delivery from one simple to use platform. It makes chart selection simple and affordable. Officers can maintain vessel compliance and manage any emergency “get me home” charts or publications at the same time.

It’s simple, complete, robust and reasonably priced – available all-in-one or as just the modules you need.

Features of NovacoBridge

Novaco started life as an engineering and technology consultancy business focused on instrumentation, control engineering and statistical modelling. Our work found applications in a number of blue-chip organisations such as the Foxboro-Yoxall Inc, British Gas and others.

By the late 1990s we had moved our technical consultancy focus into logistics and manufacturing engineering. We were working for aerospace companies such as Britten-Norman, manufacturers of the famous Islander aircraft, CFT Taylor a leading aircraft galley manufacturer, and EIS plc who later become part of TI Group plc.

In 2007 Novaco launched its satellite broadcast services for navigation information and entered the marine navigation market. Indeed we were the first company to make e-distribution accessible by ships that were struggling with poor or extremely expensive communication links to shore. 

Today, Novaco is an information services business and our strength remains in technology, logistics and distribution.

Novaco is a distributor of official ENCs and digital publications and has a growing portfolio of interests in the distribution of marine information and services.

In the world of electronic navigation, Novaco provides an integrated supply and maintenance service for ENCs as well as digital publications.

Novaco services are modular and offer complete flexibility on subscription choices. Subscribers can choose from a wide range of information such as weather forecasts, notices to mariners, tracings, blocks, correction lists, supplements and other navigational material published by the maritime authorities of the UK, USA and elsewhere.

Simplicity and effectiveness are integral to our approach. Innovations from Novaco build on emerging technologies to provide solutions that were previously thought impossible.  Novaco services make compliance to SOLAS (v) requirements a routine task.

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