NovacoBridge Notices to Mariners and tracings

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NovacoBridge helps you identify and select corrections, tracings and blocks for your chart holdings. This services supports correction information for any physical chart or publication. This is available as part of the NovacoBridge suite or as a standalone module.

Notices to Mariners

NovacoBridge eliminates the onerous task of deciphering weekly Notices to Mariners to indentify corrections.

NovacoBridge removes the need to manually maintain NP133A, use NP234 or keep a T&Ps folder. These processes are fully automated and reduced down to 5 button clicks.

The software is intuitive and users are unlikely to need anything more than the “Quick Start up Guide” before they can use it.

Entire Notice to Mariners

NovacoBridge provides all the information published in the weekly Notices to Mariners, and also gives users access to corrections and new editions information that a chart agent would normally use ashore.

Notices to Mariners are distributed by satellite broadcast, email or CD depending on each subscriber’s preference.

Irrespective of the main method of distributing updates, subscribers can receive each weekly edition of Notices to Mariners in its entirety.

H2 T&Ps in Force

NovacoBridge removes the laborious task of maintaining a folder for Temporary and Preliminary Notices (T&Ps) and having to record what is valid and what is cancelled.

A single button in NovacoBridge provides you the full list of T&Ps that affect any collection of charts you select along with all related text, blocks and tracings.

An audit trail report will also tell you which T&P has been cancelled, when it was cancelled and by whom.