Navigational Warnings through NovacoBridge

Navigational Warnings

With NovacoBridge 21 regional NavArea warnings can be delivered to the bridge.

Navigational Warnings are typically received through NAVTEX and Inmarsat C. The Navtex is a mandatory GMDSS requirement for the reception of Marine Safety Information.

Novaco’s worldwide Navigational Warning Service divides the world into 21 NavAreas and provides access to all of the information on demand, removing the need to pre-select the particular areas needed into your Inmarsat C at the commencement of the voyage.

Easy Compliance

The NovacoBridge Navigational Warning service removes all the uncertainty and significantly reduces the workload otherwise required by each vessel to obtain all the relevant data and sort it in order of priority.

With NovacoBridge, officers no longer need to manually maintain a Navigational Warnings folder and manually tabulate warnings that are in force. The NovacoBridge Navigational Warnings service automates this for you, providing on demand reports.

Instant Access

The NovacoBridge Navigational Warning service provides instant access of NavArea Warnings “in force” for all areas. The service also includes automatic deletion of all expired NavArea Warnings.

Safety Critical

NovacoBridge’s NavArea module provided access to safety critical Navigational information in a timely and simple process.

Choose exactly which charts, what scale and for which duration they want to buy, with permits and any necessary updates being delivered “instantly” directly to the vessel.